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Application of KINGCERA wear resistant ceramic lining in cylinder mixer

Time:2018-10-08     Author:Jack Huang    Reader:

The cylinder mixer is one of the important equipments in the production of sintering. The working principle is to wet and mix the configured sintered ore raw materials, so that the moisture, the particle size and the components of the ingredients in the mixed ingredients are evenly distributed, so that the fine particles in the sintered material can make suitable small balls.

Due to the different sizes of the material particles, the material is easy to stick to the cylinder mixer, resulting in excessive overall load, uneven mixing, and considerable wear on the inner wall of the mixer, which has certain damage to the equipment. The service life of its ordinary lining is generally only about half a year, and the use of KINGCERA wear-resistant ceramic lining has extended its life by many times.
KINGCERA wear resistant ceramic lined cylinder mixer lining can meet the market demand. We improved the products many times according to the service feedbacks. Among them, in April 2014, our J2 ceramic linings installed in a steel mill has been well tested after 4 years of wear testing. KINGCERA wear-resistant ceramic lining is quite mature in the cylinder mixer and has been well proven in production practice.

The ceramic lining of the cylinder mixer manufactured by Kingcera has good wear performance, can effectively prevent the wear of material particles on the cylinder wall, and achieve the purpose of protecting equipment. The progress of the technology of the cylinder mixer ceramic lining produced by Kingcera has effectively promoted the development of the sintering industry in China.
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