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KINGCERA Successfully Completed the Ceramic Wear Liner of Bunker Lining Project for European Customer on Schedule

Time:2020-03-09     Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:

With the first container delivered in the beginning of March, KINCGERA successfully completed the ceramic wear liner of Bunker lining project for European customer on schedule with nearly 3 months manufacturing time. As the onsite working condition is very complex, KINGCERA made a fully analyzation of the bunker and we take all the main factors into consideration such as the bulk size, drop height, flow speed, loading capacity etc. Finally we provide a favorable wear-solution to customer:
1.ZTA ceramic wear liner>> >   To solve the serious abrasion and impact problem
2.Combination of 95% and 92% wear liner>>>   To solve the light abrasion problem

After a careful calculation and summary, the total quantity of liners exceed to 7280 pcs which including ZTA ceramic wear liner, 95% Alumina ceramic liner and 92% Alumina ceramic wear liners. This is the first time for KINCGERA to export more than 650 square meters of ceramic wear-resistant liners to European market, and this also a good beginning for KINGCERA to follow the “One belt and one road” policy. 

KINGCERA’s General Manager Mr. Jessie held an important meeting and made full preparations for this project as soon as the commercial invoice was officially signed. In order to keep a smooth production schedule for this order, Mr.Jessie specially arranged to buy 60 tons of raw materials of alumina oxide powder. Each department cooperates with each other, thanks for all KINGCERA members’ hardworking and efforts, and finally we finished the project on scheduled time. The first delivery of liners have been send to the mining site and were installed into the Bunker, the rest of liners will be delivered to site container by container. The customer highly commended KINCGERA with fast reply and high working efficiency, they are very confident about this new 3-in-1 ceramic wear liner and will look for more cooperation in the future projects.  
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