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Alumina ceramic wear liner products inspection visiting

Time:2018-02-13     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

In 01ST Feb ,Some customers who from Germany and Turkey visited Kingcera to do the inspection of 92% alumina ceramic wear liner for mining chutes and hoppers .During the visiting , the customers are very impressed by kingcera’s tailored design and production capability for these custom ceramic wear liners.
In the meeting ,Kingcera’s sales gave a brief introduction about the company history and company main products range , like 92%,95%,ZTA,ARZ ceramic wear liners ,ceramic tiles lining ,ceramic lined pipe fittings, ceramic lagging for belt pulley and ceramic lined cyclones. During the short meeting, customers are very impressive for our different series ceramic materials. Especially when the sales mentioned Kingcera can provide a tailored solution according to the equipment operating condition ,like which position suffered a very serious abrasion ,which position suffered a serious impact and which position is very normal wear and impact when it’s working .Kingcera will provide different ceramic material to different position to make sure not only the best performance ,but the best cost effective for the projects .Customers are shocked by Kingcera’s ideal and projects experience .The customers showed great interests about Kingcera’s solution and other products like ceramic lagging and ceramic lined pipes and elbows.
After the meeting, customers had a tour for Kingcera’s laboratory, production lines, installation and fabrication workshop and gave a great praise about the strong technical and experienced workers,fully-equipped laboratory ,great production capability ,capable processing facilities ,experienced installation and strict quality inspections. .During the inspection ,Customers are very happy about our products quality and production capacity. 
After the inspection, the customers gave a high praise for Kingcera’s quality control system and specialty about the wear resistant ceramic wear liner products. Finally they are also confident about our cooperations in the wear resistant ceramic products quality and capability since this is our first time to cooperate with each other .Both of company are looking forward to further win-win cooperations in ther near future.
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