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Direct bonding ceramic steel plate

Time:2019-07-01    Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

Kingcera alumina ceramic steel plate are bonding the steel plate directly by ceramic liners with the high bonding strength adhesive, connected with the studs and nuts.It's one of the perfect products for the sliding&wear protections .And the customized thickness and sized are provided.
This time, these ceramic bonding steel plates will be used in the bulk material handling chutes .After analyzed the working condition, we decided to use the ceramic bonding steel plate since the material sizes are not big and the chute mainly suffered the sliding and abrasion .Right now ,the ceramic steel plate performed very well and enjoyed a very good reputation from the customers. Tailored solution is always our best advantages since we have a very professional and experienced team.
Ceramic steel plate advantages: 
---Increased productivity 
---Enhanced wear&sliding resistance
---Reducing shutdown time 
---Stable quality
---Easy installations
Direct bonding ceramic steel plate
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