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KINGCERA's Optimization of Ceramic Lining Piping For Dust Collection System in Steel Plant

Time:2019-10-21     Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:

Recently, KINGCERA was honorably invited by a leading Steel Plant in Southwest China to solving the abrasion and corrosion problem for their dust collection system. The manager told KINGCERA that their steel plant is suffering serious abrasion problems which finally lead to the unexpected shutdown time and frequent maintenance cost. 
Picture1. KINGCERA’s technician took the onsite check with customer
Kingcera send the most skilled technicians to the steel plant after the telephone communication in the first place. We went to the site with the customer then had a very deep communication with their production manager. After a carefully check with the dust collection system, we analyzed all the factors such as: the particle size, working pressure, flow velocity, working temperature etc. The customer was very satisfied with our professional skills in wear protection solutions and Kingcera’s working attitude!
Picture2. Stock of Basalt Lining Tee Pipe in Customer’s warehouse
They have been using the basalt lining pipe in the dust collection system, but the service life time is very short because of the low density, small pores basalt lining layer formed by Self-propagating Hi-Temperature Synthesis. The pores are the weak point in the lining layer which will finally lead to the worn-out of piping system.
Picture3. Over-Welding of Piping Repairement in The Steel Plant
Kingcera’s ceramic lining pipings were of Rockwell hardness 87HRA which were fabricated with raw material imported from Australia through a complex production process such as: Ball grinding, Powder spraying, Dry pressing, Isostatic pressing, Electrical furnace sintering. Right now the customer has approved the proposal of wear solutions from KINGCERA Engineering, and will order for a trial test very soon.
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