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Ceramic Lining Feeding Chute for Powder Concentrator System used in New Drying Cement Production Line

Time:2019-11-04     Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:

Powder concentrator plays a very important role in raw material processing and clinker classifying in cement plant. After a deep communication with Mr. Liu Tao, we found that they have been paying much time and money in maintenance and repairment of feeding chute in powder concentrator system each month. When the chute shell worn-out, they have to weld a steel plate to such area in order to guarantee the daily production. This is a temporary method for emergency situations, it would be better to find a new long-last material to take the place of old technology.
Picture1. Ceramic lining feeding chute designed and manufactured by KINCGERA
KINCERA import High grade and high quality alumina raw material from Australia,  then uses electrical tunnel furnace to undertake the sintering production with temperature as high as 1700℃, the Rockwell Hardness is more than 87HRA. From the State Key Laboratory for Powder Metallurgy lab test, the wear resistant performance of ceramic is 266 times than manganese steel and 171.5 times than the high-chrome cast iron. Definitely, KINGCERA’s super-wear-resistant ceramic lining will crease the whole service lifespan for the feeding hopper at least 10 times.
Picture 2. Application of Ceramic lining feeding chute in Dazhou Lisen Cement Plant
KINGCERA’s ceramic lining feeding chute has been successfully installed in Dazhou Lisen Cement Plant and running for 1 year more, the inside ceramic lining is still very smooth with very low wear volume lose. The outside appearance looks perfectly as it were installed yesterday.
Picture 3. Onsite check of ceramic lining chute by KINGCERA 
  Right now, KINCGERA has developed high quality ceramic lining material such as ZTA, ARZ, the feedback was very good from our clients. We will strive ourselves into studying, developing better wear-resistant ceramic lining products for customers all over the world.
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