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The highlights of KINGCERA In 2020 Bauma Show

Time:2021-02-02     Author:Liu Can    Reader:

On November 24, 2020, a legion of four of Hunan KINGCERA , with adequate preparation and exhibits, participated in the Shanghai 2020 Bauma Show, they exchange opinions warmly with people of the same field and clients. What’s more, they conducted in-depth discussions with the customers who visit the booth, the exhibition has been unanimously recognized by peers and everyone's praise.
The highlights of KINGCERA In 2020 Bauma Show
This time, KINGCERA made sufficient preparation for the exhibition, we not only brought wear-resistant ceramic particles, wear-resistant ceramic pipes, titanium carbide based metal ceramic rods and other products, but also displayed our ZTA wear-resistant ceramic liner. The modest booth in the mining machinery exhibition area was soon crowded, attracting many interested customers and promoting the company's products and brand very well.
Because of the covid epidemic, the scale of visitors was not as large as in previous years, but the atmosphere was still warm and fervent, and the energy of conversation and communication was unabated.
In general, the customers who visited our booth were mainly from foundry, mining machinery, sand making, pipeline and trade industries. Unlike previous years, this year our company chose the mining machinery exhibition area, the visitors generally have the background of wear-resisting and related industries, and our target customers have a large coverage, high matching degree and clear intention, we also got a lot of first-hand information in the industry during mutual communication, which is very fruitful.
The highlights of KINGCERA In 2020 Bauma Show
Customers and peers have not only affirmed our achievements and ambitious prospects in the field of wear-resistant ceramics, but have also expressed their intention to cooperate with us in the future. This inspires us to continue to refine and grow and thrive in the field of special ceramics with our own advanced concepts and technologies in learning and striving.
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